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On-Site SEO for beginners – Is your website optimised?

Website SEO optimization

Internal SEO optimization can only be done after a thorough initial SEO analysis, which generates a list of optimized keywords for all internal pages of the site. So make a plan for your optimization – basically analyse the right high or low competition keywords that you will be using in the further optimization.

Key steps for internal SEO optimization:

  • Creating additional internal pages;
  • Creation of SEO (title, meta-description) texts;
  • Content creation, modifications and additions;
  • Optimization of graphic elements (photo) files, also creating files descriptions;
  • Creating and registering a Sitemap;
  • Customizing pages for mobile devices;
  • Website code error correction and matching to relevant standards;
  • Optimize page loading speed.

The goal of internal SEO is to optimize (prepare the Google standards) site structure, content, and HTML (structural, hypertext, etc.) elements to improve website visibility in Google search results, attract more relevant traffic to the site from the organic, and improve site readability / intelligibility for search engines.

Anchor text is useful not only for search engine robots. They are also useful for consumers. Comprehensive and informative link text helps not only internal SEO optimization, but also facilitates and simplifies navigation for users.

Internal linking

Why should you optimize the inside of our site based on Google’s recommendations?

Google search engine is dominated by a global market of around 87%. Well, if part of your audience gets to those few percent who use other search engines, most of the major Google SEO techniques are applied and running on other search engines, such as Yandex, Yahoo!, Bing. That means if your optimize your website for Google search engine – it will be optimized for all search engines.

While there is an understanding that content should be optimized for a person, not for Google, but at the same time, you should remember that On-Site SEO (internal site optimization) is essentially for both the search engine and the user to make them as easy as possible:

  • understand what website is about;
  • determine whether a page matches a search query (ie a specific keyword or combination of keywords);
  • evaluate the usefulness and value of a web page (SERP) on a search results page (whether it is worth having a high position in the SERP)

Optimization can be meanless without Quality Content. The most universal and all-round SEO requirement is the quality content on a website. If the site is interesting, satisfies the needs of the users or answers the question they are concerned about – success is guaranteed. What is quality is a separate issue: here we look at customer needs, usability, references or other parameters / techniques. This site data determines the quality of the site.


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