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How to write good quality SEO content?

Quality content

SEO content should be unique, specific topics texts that are appropriately accentuating to the relevant keyword. It should be short text, which is an integral part of the SEO service. So the SEO text should be:

  • Unique – it is not copied and has never been published online.
  • Theme – is chosen according to the content of the site, but not necessarily interesting or useful.
  • Specific – this means that the SEO text is formatted in accordance with certain standards.
  • Emphasizing the right keyword – means that the primary purpose of the text is to highlight and highlight the keyword that is needed by search engines.
  • Short – this means that the text is between 250 and 400 (and more) words.
  • Smooth – write by human rather than by program. Easy to read and understand.
  • Purpose – more for search engine robots, not for people.

SEO articles are exactly the same as SEO texts, but here the focus is on the article and its benefits. The article must not only be properly formed according to known SEO rules, but also useful or interesting to readers.

So the quality of SEO articles will depend on the price of SEO, because the quality needs to be paid.

Quality SEO content

1. Unique SEO content

SEO texts must be unique. And it is very important that the text is in no way copied from another web page because google will immediately “see” that it is a copy of a particular page and you will not have any value in practice. If you bought the text and are not sure about the uniqueness then you can easily check it out. Copy 3-5 words and enter google search to see search engine results. It is advisable to check the text several times in Google search, so copy the different parts of the text (3-5 words) and search. In this way, you will see whether the text is unique or copied or partially copied.

2. Text is interesting and valuable

This condition is difficult to implement. For example, if you need SEO scaffolding texts – is it really possible to write something interesting? Maybe you could just write helpful tips on scaffolding and more. So as you can see not all topics are easy to write something interesting and useful. Thats why you need to be creative. The best SEO text is that it is so valuable and interesting that other web site owners place a link (independently, without any request) to your site, because you have provided something impressive and interesting. Of course, such an interesting text will be shared (one by one) and ordinary people on various social networks. And actions that get links (automatically due to the value of the article) and people sharing on social networks are extremely important in SEO optimization. Therefore, it is better to take a lot more time and make a really valuable and interesting article than 20 simple texts.

3. The right use of writting

You must understand the rules of SEO content, this is the short summary of what you need to know:

  • Keywords in the title of the page (Title);
  • Keywords in title headings;
  • Keywords Text;
  • URL – The domain name;
  • Keyword in photo/picture title and their alternative name;
  • Keywords used for internal and external links (Anchor text);
  • Keyword in Meta description;
  • Meta keywords in the description (Meta keywords).

Its always good to highlight SEO keyword in the text. You can use bold, italic and other methods to do that.

4. SEO texts and their sequence

  • My minimum recommended text length is about 350 words.
  • Just use the <h1> … </h1> header with the main keyword once per page.
  • Use <h2> … </h2> headline with the main keyword once (maximum two, three, but only for long articles) and there may be an additional word describing the content of the paragraph.
  • Two (or more depending on the length of the text) <h3> … </h3> headers with the mentioned keyword.
  • Two pictures (or more) with title and alt text, respectively.
  • Keyword in text – 3 times, plus synonyms. Keywords are highlighted by Bold, Italic and Underline.

5. Keyword density

Keyword Density is the ratio of all text words to a specific keyword (percentage). Some SEO specialists claim that the density should be between 1% and 3%, while others should be between 3% and 7%. It won’t tell you exactly what the keyword density should be in the SEO text, but most importantly, – don’t overload the text with your keywords and make sure you don’t use keywords by force. All SEO text and keywords in it must look natural. If you need to use more text according to the specifics of the text – use if you see that the keyword interferes with the text unnaturally, then it is better not to use it.

So now that you know so much about SEO content and text guess is this article is a SEO content or not?


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