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Google TOP 2020 with Quality Backlinks

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When it comes to SEO for your website, you are surely open to all ideas which will make Google love your site. Chances are you have known a thing or two about the basics of quality backlinks, so, let’s cut to the chase. When it comes to Google quality backlinks, you don’t need to get involved in such complicated messes. Instead, you can rest assured that the best quality backlinks are the simplest from google.

Getting backlinks from Google properties will significantly benefit you and your website. Here are the Google properties that you must check before proceeding.


Joining with Google back then in 2003, you can reap the benefits of the quality backlinks from the blog posts. Create the relevant content in your blog and do the ranking. The good thing about this is that you can make as many as blog posts as you need to get the relevant backlinks.

Google Sites

Google Sites can be great ways to build high quality backlinks for your website. You just need to create a few pages which are relevant to your business niche and put your website link in it. Consider to upload such quality content so that the audience is eager to click the link to your website.

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Google My Business

One cannot underestimate the existence of Google My Business since it can give such big exposure of your business in certain areas. When your brick-and-mortar store appears on Google Maps, it is about time that your clients will come to your building. It is also a big chance that they check on your website first before making a visit. If you’re doing SEO for local business, then this one shouldn’t be missed.


People flock YouTube everyday to find relevant information with visual boost. As we know, it is one of the most renowned Google products which people are fond of. So, you won’t want to miss to attain the opportunities to get backlinks from this video hosting site. Building a YouTube Channel for your company is a great idea. Create simple videos to get backlinks to your website and you are all set.

Google News

You can also leverage the benefits from Google News. If you want your audience to stay updated in your world, you must make Google News as your company. When the promotion campaign is planned, you will want to keep your Google News in your list. Who knows, it can be your best buddy whenever you have new campaign.

Considering Google TOP 2020 with quality backlinks above, you will surely see the significant difference in your website.


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