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Increase your websites traffic to benefit providen keywords SERP in major Search Engines. Increase your Organic Website traffic.

Benefit your Keyword SERP with
a new SEO method

Our redirected traffic looks like Organic Traffic for the keywords in Search Engines, which increase your website value and rankings. It helps you increase keywords SERP positions faster which will get you the clients you need.


Keyword Traffic

Keyword Ranking

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We help your business grow with Keyword Traffic

Google and other Search Engines loves popular websites with a large traffic amount.

Google and other major Search Engines sees website traffic as a benefit because if a website has more traffic – it means it is usefull and engaging. Thats why it is an advantage to get a better position in the search and get more Organic website traffic, more clients, more sales.

Keyword Search Traffic

Targeted Organic Keyword traffic is directly linked to your SEO efforts and Increase organic traffic. The higher ranking you can attain for competitive keywords, the more organic traffic you can expect.

Completely Safe

Keyword traffic is safe from any Google updates: Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird and also safe with Google AdSense.

Increase Keyword SERP

One of the best strategies for boosting your website on Search Engines is driving organic (keyword targeted) visitors to your website.

Google Analytics

Providen traffic is 100% trackable through Google Analytics. Track your visitors. Find out more here: Google Analytics.

Country Targeting

Up to 90% of USA & UK traffic which engages a lot more with English websites. You can also choose worldwide traffic.

Great Engagement

Up to 30% of proxies that balance a great avarage bounce rate, visit duration time etc. Other traffic contains real human traffic.

Returning Visitors

We have a few great examples of websites which had a great returning visitors traffic after the service was completed.

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Our pricing plans

We can make a custom plan aswell. Just contact us and we will make a special plan for you corresponding to all of your needs.

Starter Basic Boost Plus
Service Price $20 $30 (save $10) $60 (save $30) $120 (save $60)
General Keyword Targeted Traffic information
Traffic Amount 15,000 / 500 daily 30,000 / 1,000 daily 90,000 / 3,000 daily 300,000 / 10,000 daily
Targeted Keywords Up to 1 Up to 3 Up to 5 Up to 5
Targeted Countries USA & UK or Worldwide USA & UK or Worldwide Worldwide Worldwide
Website URL x1 per order x1 per order x1 per order x1 per order
Keyword Traffic may contain up to 30% of proxies
Google & AdSense safe
Google Analytics trackable
Long Visit Duration
Low Bounce Rate
Boost Alexa ranking & SERP

Take the first step to success now and increase your website traffic

If you do not increase website traffic, you would not get better revenue – simple as that. Buy keyword targeted traffic & make the first spep leading to success of your business. Visitors, possibly future clients will browse your website. Organic Website Traffic is also great for increasing SERP which means that your websites Alexa, Google and other Search Engine rankings will increase. In other words Organic Traffic is great for your SEO. Organic Traffic is safe and adaptive with all Search Engines algorithms which cannot be told same with other SEO methods.


You deside what Targeted Keywords to use. So your Organic visitors will be interested in your niche. Note that we recommend to use longer 4-6 words keyword for better results, in this case you can get that keyword up to 1-st page of Google.

Balanced traffic: low bounce rate and long duration time.
Visitors redirected through Google, Bing etc. using providen keywords.
Keyword movements and improvements in SERP.