Keyword Targeted Website Traffic

Keyword targeted website traffic is great for increasing SERP which means that your websites Alexa, Google and other Search Engine rankings will increase regarding on the selected keywords and traffic amount. In other words Organic Traffic or Keyword Targeted traffic is great for your SEO. This traffic is completely safe and adaptive with all Search Engines Algorithms which cannot be told same about some other SEO methods.

Best way to get huge amount of niche and keyword targeted visitors instantly.

For the best results it is better to choose website traffic amount regarding your current and constant traffic amount. For example you have 10 daily visits so you should increase it to 510 by buying 500 daily visits at first. Basically if you do not have at least 100 daily visits – we would not recommend you buying more than 1000 daily visitors on top of that. We also recommend to use longer 4-6 words keyword for better results, in this case you can get that keyword up to 1-st page of Google.

Google loves actively browsing websites which means the more visits you have to your website on daily basis, the higher your SERP will be. Combined with our quality SEO services you can get up to first page of Google. Targeted advertising like keyword traffic greatly increases your chance of reaching new customers and expanding your websites potential. Get high quality, geographically targeted website traffic. Entirely trackable through Google Analytics with a low bounce rate and long duration time. You do not even need to register or login.

  • Our traffic is 100% Adsense safe and Google Guaranteed. Only real human visitor traffic.
  • No software or bots. Might be up to 10% of proxies to maintain great bounce rate and duration time.

Keyword targeted visitors

All of the visitors are targeted.

Google SERP increase

Google & Alexa rank boost.

Long visit duration time

Great stats - low bounce rate.

Google Keyword Traffic

Keyword Traffic Benefits - Why do you need it?

Our website traffic is completely safe from Google Hummingbird, Penguin, Panda and Google Adsense updates.
  • Hundreds of daily visitors - these are your future clients.
  • New effective SEO method for SERP boost - be on TOP of Google.
  • A cheap way to advertise a website and increase brand awareness.

In order to grow you must invest and ROI is like karma in business.

How can I make profit from this traffic?

There are lots of different ways that you can get ROI out of this traffic. You should think about what business you want for yourself. Passive income requires a lot of work at the beginning but it is possible to achieve.

Sell ads on your website
When you have at least 1000 daily visits – you can start selling ads to other related niche websites. Imagine that you have at least 300,000 unique monthly website traffic which would cost you $140 per month. If you could sell at least 5 ads on your website for $60 per month you would have $160 instant passive profit plus a boost for your website because you are getting huge traffic to your website. You can easily sell more ads and increase the profit. You can also sell backlinks but we would not recommend that because it may decrease your websites rankings.

Offer products or services
Firsty it is important to know that it is not that easy selling products online or services online. You have to have a great website with competitive prices. A landing page has a huge impact on the decision of the visitors whether he will interact and buy something or not. Lets say you have a great website and you are offering services worth $30. You order a 30,000 monthly traffic package from us so you get 30,000 people that might order your services. Lets say 0,1% of them are interested and orders your services. That is 100 people. Now lets do the math: 100×30= $3,000.

Keyword Website Traffic example

These are the stats from Google Analytics of one of our test orders for a non fully built website. Website did not contain any quality, visitor engaging content.

Keyword Traffic plans and pricing

Custom plans can be agreed regarding to your needs. For custom plans contact us by info@wetraffi.com email.


  • 500 daily visits
  • Only 1 keyword
  • USA & UK traffic
  • Long visit duration
  • Low bounce rate
  • Starts in 1-3 days​


  • 1,000 daily visits
  • Up to 3 keywords
  • USA & UK traffic
  • Long visit duration
  • Low bounce rate
  • Starts in 1-3 days​


  • 3,000 daily visits
  • Up to 5 keywords
  • Worldwide traffic
  • Long visit duration
  • Low bounce rate
  • Starts in 1-3 days​


  • 10,000 daily visits
  • Up to 5 keywords
  • Worldwide traffic
  • Long visit duration
  • Low bounce rate
  • Starts in 1-3 days​

More SEO and traffic services

We also provide website SEO services like quality PBN backlinks or mix backlink packages. Cheap and massive Social Traffic amounts and more.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions See all questions

Are there any restrictions that are not allowed?

We do not allow websites: That contain auto downloader, trojan, any kind of virus or malware. Have a signup or similar cost per action, CPA sites or survey sites. Very heavy loading sites (more than 30 seconds), it could make visitors leave your website before they landed. URL shortening link such as bit.ly or similar. Youtube, Vimeo or similar video streaming URL.

How can I monitor the incoming traffic?

The most simple and reliable way to monitor any kind of traffic is by using Google Analytics page. Please note that you must have Google Analytics codes set on your website before you order our traffic packages. Otherwise you may not get an accurate amount of traffic calculation. We may not compensate nor be held responsible for any loss traffic due to late recorded traffic in your Google Analytics. We will also provide you a traffic tracking link to your email after your order will be processed.

Do these services have 100% human traffic?

Traffic can also contais proxy traffic. Proxies helps to balance traffics avarage bounce rate and duration time. In other words proxies make the traffic look as good as possible. Because traffic with high bounce rate and low duration time looks bad in front of Google. Despite that traffic contains real human traffic (up to 95%) which is redirected through Google so it would look like organic website traffic. Traffic is being redirected with your providen keywords, so this improves keywords SERP.

Is keyword targeted traffic visible on search console?

No, keyword targeted traffic is not reflected in the Search Console, because this traffic is redirected through Google. In order for the traffic to be reflected to the search console all of the traffic should be directed directly to Google and after inserting your provided keywords should driven to your website. We cannot force visitors do that.

What if my website will go down due to the traffic?

Kindly make sure that your website hosting could handle our traffic amount. Especially if you are using shared hosting and ordering more then 3,000 visits per day. Otherwise your website could go down due to the visitor spike. We will not be held responsible for replacing the ongoing traffic if your website goes down due to your website’s technical problem (could not hold the traffic amount that you had ordered) after the service is running.

100% guaranteed

We guarantee to provide quality services as they are described.

Great client support

Always pleased to help clients ensuring great response time.

Secured payments

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