Frequently Asked Questions

Find all of the frequently asked questions in one place. If you can not find an answer here - write us an email.
Find all of the frequently asked questions in one place. If you can not find an answer here - write us an email.

Most Frequent Questions

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We do not allow websites:

That contain auto downloader, Trojan, any kind of virus or malware. Have a signup or similar cost per action, CPA sites or Survey sites. Very heavy loading sites (more than 30 seconds), it can make visitors to close your website before they landed. URL shortening link such as or similar. Youtube, Vimeo or similar video streaming URL.

Yes, it is completely safe for your website.

The most simple and reliable way to monitor any kind of traffic is by using Google Analytics page. Please note that you must have Google Analytics codes set on your website before you order our traffic packages. Otherwise you may not get an accurate amount of traffic calculation. We may not compensate nor be held responsible for any loss traffic due to late recorded traffic in your Google Analytics.

Kindly make sure that your website hosting could handle our traffic amount. Especially if you are using shared hosting and ordering traffic plans with more than 5,000 visits per day. Otherwise your website could go down due to the visitor spike. We will not be held responsible for replacing the ongoing traffic if your website goes down due to your website’s technical problem (could not hold the traffic amount that you had ordered) after the campaign is running.

No. Traffic also contais proxy traffic. Let take an example of Keyword Targeted traffic. Proxy traffic helps to balance avarage bounce rate, duration time, etc. of the traffic. In other wors proxies make the traffic look as good as possible. Because traffic with high bounce rate and low duration time looks bad for Google. Other larger part (up to 70%) is real human traffic is redirected so it would look like organic traffic from major search engines like Google. Traffic is being redirected with your providen keywords, so this improves keywords SERP.

No, keyword targeted traffic is not reflected in the Search Console, because this traffic is redirected through Google. In order for the traffic to be reflected to the search console all of the traffic should be directed directly to Google and inserting your provided keywords driven to your website. We cannot force visitors do that.

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